Application & Resource Clustering

Clustering is an advanced topic of interest to businesses because clustering allows more power where it matters, also managing automatic fail-over, load balancing, and various other aspects of running servers with more automation. This category will cover technologies known as High Availability, Clustered Filesystems, Load Balancing, Replication & Redundancy, and some parts of virtual machines to make them clustered. Cluster Resource Managers

Clustering involves many different things to intercommunicate with each other in order to perform reliable, monitored, and available resources. These are usually managed by cluster resource managers, or CRM. Different CRMs have different capabilities and requirements in order to run. Cluster Resource Managers are responsible for managing one or multiple Resource Agents.

High Availability Networking

Having a server is one thing. Having one available in the event something goes wrong, somewhere, is another. This section will cover various methods of clustering servers to help achieve higher availability, or HA, capability. This will also include features like load balancing that are also often crucial in performance and clustering. These two often go hand in hand anyway.